What is your Diamond Rewards program?

Think of Diamond Rewards as your New Best Friend. It enables you to earn more while you’re playing slots or one of our table games. Plus you’ll be eligible for special promotions and free play, reserved just for Diamond Rewards members.

You can pick up your new Diamond Rewards card any time by showing proper identification at the Rewards Center at either the Tucson, Sahuarita or Why locations. We look forward to welcoming you to Diamond Rewards and we hope you enjoy your New Best Friend.

Can I play for real money?

This is a very common question. Unfortunately, due to federal and state regulations, we are currently unable to offer real money games online.
There is good news however, Desert Diamond Casinos is a friendly and service-oriented casino and entertainment complex that has 1,800 slot machines and table game favorites like Black Jack, Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi/Lo split and more. We also offer high-stakes bingo and player-friendly keno. Our restaurants will satisfy your taste buds, and our entertainment venues boast the hottest acts and the coolest parties. Have the time of your life at Desert Diamond Casino’s Tucson and Sahuarita locations.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

I have (I’m having) a technical error (unable to log in).

We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing difficulties with logging in to the site. When logging in, please ensure that you have the correct login details.Please note that all logins are case-sensitive, so please ensure you do not have the caps lock key activated.

Should you require a reminder of your password, please let us know and we will be more than happy to provide it to you.

If the difficulties persist, please try restarting your Internet browser and clearing the cache. This may resolve the issue that you’re presently experiencing.

You can also provide us with a screen shot of the error and we will send it to our technical department as a matter of priority. If you’re unable to capture a screen shot, please provide the error message you received, and we will work hard to find a solution.

I have (I'm having) a technical problems (flash-based).

We are sorry to hear that you are currently experiencing an issue with playing our games. In order to ensure the best possible playing environment, we recommend that both your browser and version of Flash Player is up- to- date on your computer. Should you need to update Flash Player, the most recent version can always be found at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

If you continue to experience issues, please provide us with the following information, and we will pass your query on to our technical department as a matter of urgency:

  • What operating system are you using? (Windows 7, XP, Mac, etc.)
  • What browser are you using?
  • If possible, please provide a screenshot of the error message or error code you are seeing.

Why can’t I find my favorite game?

We’re sorry that you were unable to find the game you’re looking for on our site. The good news is that we’re constantly adding more exciting games for you to enjoy, so please check back often.

In the meantime, if you enjoy (state requested game), may I recommend (recommend game) here on Desert Diamond Casinos online? It’s a fun alternative to your favorite and one of the most popular games here on our site.

If you still wish to play (state request game), be sure to visit Desert Diamond Casinos at our Tucson, Sahuarita or Why locations. Our state-of-the-art casino and entertainment complex is home to 1,800 slot machines and table game favorites. We also offer high-stakes bingo and player-friendly keno.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

I can’t register with my details

We’re sorry that you’re experiencing issues with our registration process. In order to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, please contact us at support@ddcazigaming.com and provide us with the details that you used when you registered and we will forward them to our technical department. We apologize for any inconvenience and we look forward to seeing you back here once you’re details are retrieved.

Can I get more credits?

We have some good news for you! Every day you visit our site (after 5:00am Pacific Standard Time) your account will be credited with an additional 5,000 virtual credits that you can use to enjoy our exciting games.

Further details are available via our promotions page, which may change from time to time.We wish you the very best of luck and have fun!

How do I close my account or change my contact information?

You may update you contact details except for e-mail by using the "Edit My Details" link under "My Account". If you would like to update your e-mail address or close your account please contact our guest service team at support@ddcazigaming.com or Call us at 855-303-7787

Your site is rigged

All of our slots, as well as the dice/cards in the online versions of our games, are produced by our Random Number Generator, which has been tested and approved by Technical Systems Testing (TST), an independent third- party testing house.

When I try to launch a game I get frequent connection timeout error?

Please check your proxy/firewall setting if port 7508 is allowed access, some of the games work better if this port is open. If you are accessing the website from a corporate network or a secure network this may be a problem, you could try some of the other titles as not all the games require this port. Alternatively you can access the website form some other network like from your home.

When I launch a game I get a warning about something is try to access port 7508, is this normal?

Yes, This is normal as some of our games do use the port 7508, please click allow or add it as an exception to your firewall or proxy. If you are unable to do so you could try some of the other titles as not all the games require this port.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter or your account in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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